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Domestic Express

Product and Service explanation:

Ø Domestic Express

A、Fast Truck Transportation

IntroductionElaborate route planning, door-to-door express service, scheduled departure, time-limited transportation, guaranteed timely delivery of goods. 

Service coverageServices covered most domestic economically developed cities, please call 400-8008-009 for details.

Advantages Fully enclosed box truck, GPS global positioning, SMS, telephone, complete cargo tracking and tracing network, you can get cargo information anytime, anywhere.


B、Economy Truck Transportation

Introduction Our self-operated network, complete transportation lines, competitive price, tailor-made solutions to meet the logistics requirement of customers who require more transportation lines but less time limitations. It is definitely a cost-saving, safe and secure option for you. Also, high-quality service is ensured.

Service coverage It covered major areas in of China, such as the South, North, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest . We aimed to deliver every goods safely.

Advantages Favorable price, and standard operation process. We aim at providing customers with more economical, practical, professional and cost-effective transportation service experience.


C、Optimized Truck Transportation

Introduction:Optimizing and integrating high-quality transportation lines to make sure all goods could be delivered to all parts of the country.

Service coverage:It covered the whole country please call 400-8008-009 for details.

Advantages:Fast transit Real-time tracking Low-cost transshipment Complete and huge transportation system.



Introduction: When the weight, nature, volume and shape of a batch of goods need to be shipped in one or more trucks, the truck load service can be provided. Through the business from the sender to the recipient, we can arrange our specialists to monitor the whole process of the transportation and provide all-round services to make sure your goods delivered safely.

Service coverage:It has covered the whole countryplease call 400-8008-009 for details.

Advantages:AccurateDoor-to-door transportationDirect to destinations (no transit) More efficient and safer. With the most abundant vehicle resources, we can respond quickly to your transportation requirements and provide the most suitable transportation solutions for you.

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