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The services we can offer you are

1、Worldwide & Domestic Express Services
   Having FedEx, UPS, DH& TNT on our side for years and years makes us able to offer excellent worldwide express services. And when it comes to domestic services, relying on our strong network throughout China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, we can simply offer the best service ever. The quality & the speed we offer, whether for domestic or worldwide is second to none!

2、Airfreight Services
  Mainly our airfreight services are done through China’s three major airlines (China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines & Air China. Therefore we offer domestic & international services from Shenzhen Bao’an & Guangzhou international airports to all around the world. Whether parcels are oversized or not we guarantee customer satisfaction at lowest cost with unbeatable quality services.

3、 Direct express services to Hong Kong& Taiwan
   For goods to be delivered to Hong Kong& Taiwan, YFHEX can provide the customers with its direct express services, meaning that all the procedures are to be done directly by its own staff without relying on other companies (DH, UPS, FedEx & TNT). In this method COD is accepted. If the shipper needs to collect an invoice balance, bill, Etc from the receiver, they can have YFHEX do it on their behalf. (Ask costumer service for more details)

4、 Import-Export custom declaration
   We have set up several express custom declaration offices throughout China, and we are able to obtain different types of clearance according to client requirements rapidly. There is not need to let factors such as tariff classifications, value declaration & duty management cause any confusion. Instead you can leave it all with our custom brokers. Having all the right tools, gives us the ability to deliver the goods to the receivers quicker than they anticipate!

5、Mainland and Hong Kong Transportation Services 
   On top of having more than 16 years of experience in truck cargo transportation in mainland & Hong Kong, YFHEX possess a large number of vehicles such as cargo vans, cube vans, 10,16&24’ trucks. We have the perfect combination of experience & tools, and that makes us capable of being your global partner.

6、 Ocean freight 
   Our supply chain solutions offer a full array of worldwide ocean freight services. We can handle any size shipment such as FCL (Full container Load), LCL(Less-Than-Container Load) & NCL (Non-Containerised Load), featuring dependable transit schedules & sailings from major ports in China to major ports worldwide.

7、 Moving goods by land
   YFHEX’s supply chain solutions offer enhanced business performance with competitive freight rates along with reduced administrative expenses throughout China. Whether you need full truck load or less-than-truckload, to meet your business requirements we can provide you with range of truckload services.

8、 Warehousing & insurance brokerage 
  The warehouse operation utilizes the experience of dedicated staff along with different types of high-tech devices such as automated barcode identification system which makes the company & its clients able to track the parcels step by step. Also all of our facilities are equipped with advanced security systems& patrolled by security personnel 24/7. IF you happen to need to purchase insurance for your goods, you can do it through our exceptional team of brokers with unbeatable rates.

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